How to Join


The potential savings that could be achieved by members is substantial. The savings achieved completely depend upon the size and individual circumstances of each owner. Savings can be anywhere up to 30%. Irrespective of the actual savings which can be achieved, the underlying principle of ‘existing MARCAS member volume, plus additional volume’ means a better price.

Before a member is accepted, Marcas must review their portfolio and make a thorough risk assessment, with the input of existing members.

Members must:

- Sign a Marcas membership agreement
- Pay an initial one-off membership fee
- Adhere to the Marcas business rules
- Make prompt payment and have a good credit rating
- Conduct quality purchasing operations
- Keep Marcas advised of market, price and vessel changes
- Maintain confidentiality and integrity to non-members and non-contracted suppliers
- Make an annual commitment and also, for some contracts, make a volume commitment

If you are interested in becoming a MARCAS member, we invite you to take the first step by contacting us. Please be sure to read Marcas’ business rules before submitting your application.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.