What We Do

MARCAS is the world's leading maritime organisation representing shipping companies from across the world, aggregating purchasing volume to obtain maximum value for goods and services. Maximum value is determined by a combination of price, quality, service, and assured supply and delivery. With a global presence MARCAS is as a highly reputable and dependable contracting association which provides access to commodities and services volume agreements with over 300 suppliers.

With more than 1500 member vessels, MARCAS has a significant purchasing volume, and continually benchmarks its prices to ensure that its members obtain the best value for money. MARCAS’ objective is to aggregate volume, negotiate globally on behalf of its members with selected suppliers in order to obtain the most competitive prices in the market, whilst not compromising on quality or safety. MARCAS makes its income from a brokerage fee levied on suppliers.

MARCAS has an extensive contract coverage network from reputable market leading suppliers providing competitive prices for shipping consumables including lubricants, chemicals & gases, engines & propulsion, technical services, ship systems, chandlery, logistics, safety services, food.